Plantation Shutters

Tradional Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters brings back the elegance of Traditional Plantation Shutters with its warmth and feel of bygone days. Crafted with basswood or North American hardwood, the craftsmanship is superb.  If your style is traditional, contempory, transitional, or eclectic- shutters will enhance your home or office.

The Woodland Harvest Collection by Lafayette utilizes traditional wood products that are highly prized for their beauty, warmth, and texture. These materials are crafted to create the artistic design and practical function for this shutter collection. Blending the latest technology with handcrafted workmanship produces the classic, yet imaginative wood shutter that can fit most openings.


This collection is manufactured by Lafayette that has produced quality window fashion products for over 50 years. Conveniently located in West Lafayette, Indiana you can be assured of quality products made in the United States.


Plantation Shutter Options

Shutters have clean lines and effective control of light and privacy enhancing any room. The advanced technology employed by Lafayette permits this product to be shaped, colored, and curved to fit even the most contemporary design. This is one of the reason that plantation shutters are offered in several louver sizes including 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″.¬† Both horizontal and vertical orientation are available. Raised panel and fabric frames, along with combination panels and dressing screens are also available.


Traditional tilt-rod plantation shutters are the industry standard but we also have the Louver Mover shutter that does not have a tilt rod. The engineered system is invisible to the eye- yet all the louvers move in unison. You’ll experience a more open view through the shutters and a cleaner, contemporary look as.


Traditional  Shutters


Traditional shutters are offered in the 1 1/4″ and 1 7/8″ louver sizes.


Motorization is Louver Mover Plantation Shutters by Classic Blinds 859-621-0872offered as well for those hard to reach windows.


What colors are available? Currently over 50 standard painted and stain colors are available. If this isn’t enough, custom coloring matching is available as well.


As you can see, many options are available. Now it’s your turn. Give Classic Blinds a call at 859-621-0872 to see the Woodland Harvest Shutter Collection for your home and office. Waterbourne enamels and state of the art technology are utilized. This process produces a beautiful, lustrous finish, yet surpasses the toughest E.P.A. regulations.


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